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General Faq's

Frequently Asked Questions, in General...

Who Are You?

We are a Veteran owned, U.S. Small Business concern.  We are a machine shop who happens to manufacture R/C Helicopters.

Bergen R/C Helicopters has been in business in it's current form for more than 10 years, similarly manufacturing R/C Helicopters prior to that, having been started as Bergen Machine and Tool by Larry Bergen, my Father.

All we do is Manufacture R/C Helicopters, full time.  This is not a side business out of our basement that may or may not be here a year from now, We are here for the long term to serve your R/C Hobby and Industrial AP needs.

My name is Chris Bergen.  I have been involved with Aviation, both models AND full size, since a very young boy.  I loved building plastic models, throwing the 50c Balsa wood gliders around the yard (especially the Bi-planes), I have built and shot off Estes rockets, even designing my own for a time, then flying R/C Airplanes with my Father as a teenager.

After Graduating High School and struggling for one semester of College and a fulltime job, I enlisted in the US Army where I was instructed on maintaining the mighty CH-47 Chinook Helicopter.  For 6 years, 9 months, and 13 days I worked, slept, ate, bled and breathed that Helicopter, including 2 deployments into Combat zones as a Flight Engineer out of Ft. Bragg, NC.

I was then Employed by Delta Airlines as an Aircraft Mechanic (Technician), working on everything from the DC9 to the B-777.  I did this off and on for 14 years.  During the "off" years, I worked in my Fathers business, learning about R/C Helicopters and the Hobby Industry, meeting some GREAT people along the way, and realizing where my future lay.


Why Buy a "Bergen" Helicopter?

Truthfully, I DON'T get this one very often but it is a good question! I could go into all the hype, detailing why our heli is the best on the market, but that is a very subjective thing.  Almost all the heli's on the market today are very good, at least compared to 10 or 15 years ago.

I've seen our offerings called "Boutique", and on quite a few peoples wish lists, which is all very flattering, but I feel that you are buying MORE than just an R/C Helicopter.  When someone buys a 44 Magnum, paying out over $5000 for this heli with engine, they become a personal friend of  mine!! :) 

While we strive to sell a quality product, we also understand the personal side of the hobby, the need to be able to communicate.  As such I spend a LOT of time on the phone, I spend a LOT of time on Helifreak at all hours of the day and night, just so I'm available for questions, concerns, or problems.  The best product on the market is let down by poor customer service, I vow to NOT let that happen.






More to come....



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