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Fly Bar Less (FBL)

Fly Bar Less!!

FlyBar Less (FBL) is becoming VERY popular, so we'll catalog all of our FBL upgrades and additions here.

To Start, any and ALL of our Helicopters can be fitted with FBL, and CAN be ordered as a complete FBL kit at no extra charge.


This is the complete FBL head system.

     Using HARD dampeners from KBDD ensures the tight head required for good FBL feel, whether using an electronic flybar or going FBL NOE without any added stabilization.


We supply a visual indicator for setting up the pitch of the blades on your helicopter, simply bolting it to the top of the head, takign the place of the flybar when using a pitch gauge on the rotor blades.  No complicated leveling device is needed to achieve PERFECT collective and cyclic pitch angles.

Video of our FBL head in action on the Intrepid Gas Helicopter


Any of the popular electronic FBL systems can be fitted to our Helicopters, assuming that it is capable of single servo or normal mode on the swashplate.  We KNOW that Skookum, V-Bar, MicrobeastX, Total G, can all work with this setup.




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