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New stuff from Bergen

On this page you will find our latest and greatest things such as the New 44 Magnum, FBL parts, and any new cool things that we can find to give you greater enjoyment with your Bergen Helicopter.


Keep checking back for updates!!  :)


Single Piece Dampeners

Now available and shipping in ALL kits are the New Single piece dampeners manufactured by KBDD for Bergen R/C Helicopters.


These new dampeners replace the rubber single piece dampeners and the dual o-rings dampeners.  The Pink ones are for softer heads and used on the larger 800mm +Bladed helicopters, the blue are a bit harder for 700 or 90 sized birds doing aerobatics including 3D style flying.

For EXTREME 3D flying and a really solid head, we also offer these lime green Dampeners, only suggested for those that KNOW they have to have the tightest head possible. Only available on request! :)

When ordering any of these dampeners as an upgrade, we'll also include new c-clips and a new .040 shim. Do NOT use the additional .008 and .015 shims from your kit, you probably WON'T get the c-clips installed...

Boom Support Bridges

Not necessarily new, and not necessarily from us, but new here anyway from Fortune Model Products (FMP), Boom Support Bridges.

These are installed between the boom supports, giving additional support and stiffness to your tail boom.

Part numbers FMP 1214, 1215, 1247, 1248.  $22.95 each



We now have our complete FBL (Fly Bar Less) head system ready for shipment!  We have 3 conversion kits for you to choose from, the cheapest and easiest is $45.00, a simple conversion at $180.00 and the complete new head, grips, etc at $275.00!!  If you order any Bergen Helicopter kit with the FBL system, we will substitute it at no extra charge!



       Simple Conversion                            Complete Conversion 


      The assembled head

This was SO new we didn't even get the word out before IRCHA 2009, but we have NEW dampeners from KBDD strictly for our FBL system.

These new dampeners are included with every FBL conversion or kit as standard equipment.  They're harder then the 70 durometer rubber dampeners used in the flybarred head, and are much easier to install to get that very important TIGHT head for a FBL system.  Thank you Kevin from KBDD for being Right on TIME with these new dampeners!!

Video of my Intrepid Gasser FBL here.


The 44 Magnum is now shipping to customers, albeit somewhat slowly due to the incredible demand for this little gem of a motor, The Wren 44!! Price right now is $5150.00 with a minimum deposit required to get on the list.  Not only is it the Cheapest complete Turbine helicopter kit available, it also is the MOST capable in terms of 3D aerobatics!  You can beat the crap out of this heli, IF you have the cojones! :)



Videos of testing and some 3D flight are up on our video page,


New Tail Blade Grips.

All of our heli's now include our new tail blade grips with improved geometry of the arm. It's easy to note the difference as the newer ones have the Black Anodizing added to them.

Very simply we have machined in the proper angle of the arm to give the correct pitch to hold the tail still in a hover.  This removes some of the load off of the servo as well.

How it works? Well basically we are using centrifugal force to help us.

With the tail rotor spinning, centrifugal force is trying to pull the arms straight out away from the hub, forcing the tail blades themselves into appx a 6 degree pitch. About what is needed to hold the tail still!

Video Here.

These are available as an upgrade from your existing grips (which will be all silver in color), as part # 232A, $49.95, including new links to reset the geometry.


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