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On this page you will find all of our upgrades, or better called Optional, parts, where they apply, how, and why, and maybe why NOT....


Driven Tail System

We'll start off with the most requested, asked about, and most misinformed upgrade, the Driven Tail System or CDT (Constant Driven Tail).

Also known as a Split Gear System, this allows you to do AEROBATIC autorotations.  Emphasis on Aerobatic!!  Does that mean you cannot do autos without a driven tail? Yes, you can!! 

The driven tail system is a separate item from the autorotation hub that ALL of our helicopters have included in them, the driven tail only alludes to driving the tail rotor by the main rotor at all times, or constantly. The autorotation hub is what makes auto's possible, by disengaging the main rotor from the drive train. When performing an auto WITHOUT a driven tail, it just means that the tail rotor itself will quit spinning. Since you have removed the torque of the engine when doing an auto, then the tail will NOT spin around on you, but you cannot control it either.

The Constant Driven Tail system ties the tail rotor drive system to the main rotor system at the main shaft, so at any time the main rotor is spinning, so is the tail rotor, giving you FULL control of the tail during auto's.

Why would you NOT want this system?  If for some reason you lose CONTROL of the tail rotor, a servo goes hard over or the pushrod comes off, then you will NOT be able to stop the spin of the heli until it impacts the ground!!  For this reason we recommend AGAINST using it in cameraships or with beginners learning to fly.

The Driven tail system CANNOT be installed in to our Observer or Industrial line of heli's as they already use the longer mainshaft as standard, the driven tail system will NOT fit.

Our CDT system, as an optional part # 200 gives you a longer mainshaft, 2 aluminum hubs, and the 2 gears to attach to those hubs along with all needed hardware.

When assembled looks like this.


Orange Frames


We now have orange G10 frames available for all our popular heli's, Gassers, Turbines, Tazers and Observers.  Order them with your next kit, or separately to upgrade the look of your existing heli.

These are NOT painted, this is actually the color of the material, highly visible, will not crack off or wear off.

Tail fins are ALSO available!!


Silver Colored Fasteners


These fasteners are actually Zinc Plated to give them the shiny silver look, but they are the same 12.9 Grade fasteners we have always used instead of some Stainless Steel bolts that MAY be too soft for our use.

The Zinc plating keeps them from rusting in high humid areas like the black ones can, and REALLY look the part on a black framed Heli!!  Order them with your next kit, or available as a package separately for your existing helicopter.


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