Like we already mentioned elsewhere, our little club was started almost 10 years ago, in 2011, in Wisconsin. Holly molly, has it really been that long? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, 🙂 . So yeah, the Bergen RC club was started at the end of 2011 by a group of about 10 enthusiasts who were interested in finding a place where they could come together, meet with others who share their hobby (RCs) and to learn new things, to mingle, have fun, etc.

From that moment on the club grew to have over a thousand members throughout the north west United States, but mostly the area of Winnebago, Sheboygan and Ozaukee counties. These three counties are where the majority of the club membership resides. Currently the Bergen RC club has what we call chapters. Each of the chapters on average has around 20-30 members. Some more, some less. Chapters are divided up based on location, for example there’s Winnebago and Sheboygan chapters, but there are also differences in chapters based on interests. For example there are chapters that are dedicated to RC vehicles. Others for photography and videography drones, etc.

In short, Bergen RC has a rich history of RC fun, and those who would like to join us for an even more interesting future can do so by checking out our membership page. If you are from Wisconsin, get in touch with us and we’ll have you setup as an RC Bergen member in no time. We have been working hard on making our little club as fun as possible and we think that you’ll enjoy it too.