Well we have already mentioned this, but it’s relatively easy to become a member of the RC Bergen club. to do you just need to fill out this form down below.

    Using the contact form above is the preferred method of getting in touch with us because all of the head honchos of our club check the email to which this form sends its messages. As for the phone calls or maybe even sending actual mail to the numbers and addresses down below, there’s always a possibility that we won’t be close to the phone to answer you, or that we won’t have the time to handle mail inquiries.

    Shelly Ortiz
    Bergen RC club
    3517 Hartland Avenue
    Bergen, WI 53151
    Phone number: 920-296-8730

    That is why we recommend that you get with the times and just use the contact form. Once that we’re in touch, we’ll tell you all the info that you need to know in order to become a member of the Bergen RC club. We hope to hear from you soon.